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If your PC meets the system requirements, you will most likely be able to download Windows 11. You can also check our comprehensive article with the full list of Windows 11 requirements. The system requirements are readily available and it’s for the first time that you can’t run a Windows OS unless you have Internet access. Instead of waiting for the upgrade to reach your machine, you can go through Microsoft’s Windows 11 Installation Assistant. Open the Download Windows 11 page and click the Download now button under the Windows 11 Installation Assistant section. The conversation around Windows 11 requirements has been a confusing one.

  • You can paste it directly into any app of your choice, such as Paint, Word, Google Docs, and so on, without having to open it in the Snipping Tool first.
  • Just make sure your PC fulfills the system requirements to run Windows 11.
  • When you compare these two different Windows operating systems, the first difference is the design and UI.

No matter where you place your taskbar icons, for example, you won’t be able to see app labels anymore. Microsoft has been pushing an icon-focused taskbar since Windows 7, but you always had the option to turn on labels, so you could see what was in an app window before you clicked on it. Dealing with that loss is the single biggest hurdle I had with Windows 11. I can’t imagine average consumers trying to figure out command line prompts without wanting to throw their PCs out the window. If you’ve built your own desktop PC, I’d suggest bracing yourself for additional upgrade drivers download logitech complications. Microsoft’s Health Check app initially said that my system — powered by an AMD Ryzen X processor, an ASROCK motherboard and 32GB of RAM — wasn’t compatible with Windows 11.

Mobile App Testing

So only install them on a secondary PC or virtual machine – not your main production computer. But if you get a message saying it can’t – don’t fret. Microsoft acknowledged the app needs some work and is pushing out an updated version soon. The biggest thing the utility gets caught on is deciding if your CPU has Trusted Platform Module 2.0 or not. But even if your CPU has TPM version 1.2, it can run Windows 11 .

As is the case with a Windows device, you may be using a game, certain apps, or digital art that would make more sense to be viewed in portrait mode rather than landscape. Knowing how to rotate a screen is useful, as by default screens that are horizontal may not allow the best viewing of certain files or webpages. Yes, a horizontal screen is perfect for everyday use such as surfing the internet, web browsing, and other tasks.

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Windows 11 is now available and will be rolling out to millions of PCs worldwide. But, as with any new OS rollout, it’s not going to happen overnight, and many Windows users will be waiting for a while until that magic upgrade notice appears. You don’t have to — you can, with just a little effort, download and install the new version of Windows right now. After you make your selection, Windows will go through the installation process and then restart the PC. Once it restarts, it will ask you to either upgrade the current Windows or install it on a new drive.

PC. Some software, for example Nvidia and AMD drivers, allow you to create ‘Hotkeys’ to rotate the screen using a shortcut such as Shift-Alt-Arrow keys. In this way, you are successfully flipped your computer screen. Perform the same steps in order to rotate the screen to normal as previously. If you’re one of the lucky few, you may also be able to rotate your screen with a rotate screen shortcut. Unfortunately, many users accidentally hit this shortcut and end up with their screen upside down or sideways.

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