How to Become a Copywriter Easy steps to start a Copywriting Career

Twitter is also a great place to find new copywriter vacancies. Working for a content mill or through recruitment sites, such as, can be a good way to build up a portfolio, especially if you’ve never had work published online before. Your own blog can also be a good way of showcasing your skills.

You may focus your career on a specific industry, a certain type of writing, or work as a freelancer or an in-house writer for a major company. This is also a career that is attainable with a light education (no master’s or doctorate required) and little experience needed to enter most positions. Before Google, being a copywriter meant scripting TV commercials in an ad agency, writing direct mail campaigns, press releases, brochures or other business literature.

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If you feel an inclination to get into copywriting, you should also consider that not all copywriting is the same. There are many different subcategories of content, and all of them have distinct requirements when it comes to writing and research. When customers feel like the brands they purchase publish quality content with a bigger meaning behind it, they begin to enjoy interacting with the brand solely based on their content production. We’ll take a look at competitor’s websites to see how they used the market’s most important characteristics when tailoring their customer service, online content, product description, etc. Charging people for your time is a sure-fire way to get them to value your services. Oddly enough, the more I charge for each hour session, the more respect and compliance I get from the client!

  • Social media ghostwriting is still a relatively new copywriting opportunity, but a reasonable rate is about $2,000 per client for several posts/threads per week.
  • When writing for social media, subtly, cleverness, and a friendly interaction are all important.
  • Copywriters need to have an excellent command of language to write clear, compelling copy.
  • However, they only provide information on “writers and authors,” not copywriters specifically.
  • An enquiring mind will stand you in good stead, and help you to make the most of every project and campaign.

There are a variety of sources for annual salaries, but the BLS says that “writers and authors” have a median annual salary of $67,120. The highest 10% in this field can expect salaries over $133,460. Many companies don’t need a full time or even part time copywriter. Instead, they may hire a marketing agency to create their content. XYZ Auto Sales would sign a contract with the marketing agency, then you would go to work creating their marketing materials. Working as an agency writer, you can likely gain copywriting tips from established professionals.

Part One: What Is Copywriting?

Working as a copywriter for a company is a great way to learn the ropes quickly and do projects with some of the big-name brands in your niche. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for writers in the U.S. is $69,500 per year. Income is largely influenced by education, skills, and experience, with the lowest 10% earning around $38,500 per year and the highest 10% earning $133,500. A strong brand will set you apart from your competitors and give your business a personality that clients can relate to.

how to do copywriting work

Both branding scenarios and direct response scenarios make up an important part of the marketing process. But unlike many people who succeed for one reason or another, I have a very good understanding of WHY I was able to hit my goals and grow my business. You now have a roadmap to guide you through all the steps you need to take. The most important part of this step is to see how your compelling copy performs “in the wild.” You’ll learn a lot about where you need to improve and maybe even develop your first case study.

Step #4.) Make a Simple Copywriting Portfolio!

This is common for beginners with expectations to get offered the lowest rates if you haven’t had a client who was willing to showcase that they worked with you. If you’re the kind of writer who wants to focus more on stories and long-form writing, then you might not have the sought-after proclivity for copywriting. These types of short content often don’t exceed a couple of sentences, and they rarely build up to a whole paragraph. But, there are a lot of expectations in these sentences to promote the service or product and to get the client’s customer to buy it.

how to do copywriting work

So while the overall copywriter job outlook is stagnant, tech-savvy writers will likely have options available. Overall, it seems that by getting into copywriting, you can earn a strong copywriting salary, although you may not have the massive career earnings of other professions. However, with a light education requirement and little experience needed for copywriting internships, earning an entry level copywriter salary is a strong career choice. Depending on what major you complete, you’ll develop skills in research, proper grammar and punctuation, sentence structure, and editing. In communication studies, for example, you’ll learn skills that help you properly and effectively deliver a message to an audience, which is among the most important copywriter skills. However, they say that a typical writer or author has at least a bachelor’s degree bachelor in a field that will develop their writing and communication skills.

Step 1: Get Training in Copywriting

In order to become a copywriter, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or marketing and gain relevant experience to develop your skills and writing portfolio. An MBA or master’s degree in marketing is encouraged to advance into a leadership role or increase your earning potential. A contract outlines the services you’ll provide, the timelines for completing the work and the amount your client will pay you for your services. Get an in-depth guide on how to develop a legally binding contract for small businesses.

Direct, physical mail (snail mail), for example, is a type of copywriting. You be annoyed when you have marketing materials in your mailbox, but this form of advertising remains one of the most effective tools for advertisers. (Which is why you get so much.) Knowing how to catch people’s attention before they toss out the mail is an important tool for copywriters working in this space. Email is another form, which has a similar quality but calls for a slightly different skill set. Copywriter skills can be developed online, and there are many excellent institutions offering degrees and certificates for aspiring copywriters.

The main goal of content marketing is to deepen brand relationships, establish topic-area expertise, and confirm that a product, service, or company is the customer’s best choice. And most of it can directly be tied back to my copywriting skills. So even if you don’t go the freelance route, learning how to become a copywriter can be incredibly valuable for your own  business.

how to do copywriting work

It’s also the only skill on this list you are probably never going to get paid for directly. In fact, I’ve put everything you need to know in terms of fundamentals into a single blog post that can serve as your complete copywriting guide. Becoming a freelance copywriter means you take control over and responsibility for all of these things simultaneously. When you see a social media post from a brand you follow, you a reading social media copy. A lot of people mistake the word “copywriter” as being connected to “copyright”, but they are not related in any way.